What's the Word?

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Phrase:File Allocation Table

Definition:What Ms. Gould's desk turns into when she hasn't cleaned it off in a while.

**Actual Scientific Definition:'in computing, a table used by the operating system to record the physical arrangement of files on disc.'

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Phrase:Elevation of Boiling Point

Definition:What happens to my Mom's blood pressure when I tease my little sister.

**Actual Scientific Definition:'raising of the boiling point of a liquid above that of the pure solvent, caused by a substance being dissolved in it.'

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Phrase:California Current

Definition:This is the amount of electricity it takes to power the state of California.

**Actual Scientific Definition:'cold ocean current in the E. Pacific Ocean flowing southwards down the West Coast of North America.'

**All 'Actual Scientific Definitions' were obtained from 'The QPB Science Encyclopedia,' Helicon Publishing Group Ltd., 1998

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