Frogs!(Ribbit) Tree Frog

Follow the instructions below to learn all about frogs!

As part of this assignment, you will need to learn how to copy and paste text and images from web pages. Click on the links below to learn how to copy and paste from the web.

How to Copy and Paste Text from a Web Page
How to Copy Images from a Web Page

Once you are able to copy text and images with ease, continue on with your exploration of frogs!

Frog PictureAs proof of your newfound knowledge about frogs, you will need to provide the answers to the following questions. For each answer that you give, you must also indicate the URL (web address) that you used as a source of information.

  1. What are the differences between frogs and toads?
  2. What are all of the stages of a frog's life cycle and how long does it take to go through each one?
  3. What are three possible causes of frog deformities?
  4. How are frogs classified scientifically ( Class, Order, Family, and Genera names )? Give the classification of one specific type of frog.
  5. What makes Poison Dart (or Arrow) Frogs poisonous and what is their poison used for?
  6. What are three interesting and unusual facts that you learned about frogs?
  7. Find two pictures of real frogs and two comical pictures of frogs and copy and paste them onto your paper.
  8. If you find any other interesting sites about frogs, copy their web addresses and paste them onto your paper (be sure you indicate what the name of the site is, and include a description of what is so neat about it).

Frog PictureUse the links listed below to find the answers to your questions!

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