Once upon a time, there was an amazing website called Craftster. Now, Craftster was full of many amazing and generous craft artists who shared their creations with the Craftster community. And, not only did these wonderful folks share their creations, many of them also shared how their creations were made...

One such Craftster was ghille, who created an adorable creature from fabric and fluff and called her a Poppet.

Now, many other Craftsters quickly fell in love with the adorable Poppet, and desired to know her better, in order to create adorable Poppets of their own. Now ghille, being a kind and generous Craftster, offered up, to all who asked, her pattern and instructions for creating Poppets.

And thus, the Poppet Revolution was born!

In a very short time, Poppets were popping up all over Craftster. And, as time went on, many of these Poppets began to evolve into other Poppet relatives, each more fanastical and wondrous than the next!

The Poppet family continues to grow daily, and while traditional stories have an ending, the ending to this one is nowhere in sight!

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A Brief History of Poppets...
The Poppet Story
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