Switch Zoo- Make your own animals by switching their heads, tails and legs in this virtual zoo!
Exploratorium: Hands-on Activities- "Hands-on" is what the Exploratorium, in San Francisco, CA, is all about. Here are dozens of activities that you can do to learn more about science!
Weird Science Experiments- From Family Fun magazine, experiments that you can do at home, along with a brief explanation of the science that makes them work.
Kids Domain Science Games- A whole host of science games (and activities, too)!
Jefferson Lab's Games & Puzzles- Games about science, the elements, math and words.
For Kids Only Games! NASA's Earth Science Enterprise- Earth Science games- from the water cycle to plate tectonics!
Planet Science- Planet 10 is a virtual model of the solar system. There are 2 activities to try- explore the planets, comets and asteroids on an interactive virtual fly-through with the Solar System game or try to build a perfect world with the World Builder.
Science in Action
The Infamous Exploding Whale Video- Science goes awry! This video demonstrates how the best laid plans don't always work the way you think they will. It takes a while to download, but it is worth the wait!
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