If you could bring one specific organism back from extinction, which one would you choose?
What I Expect in Your Answer:

  • Correct Heading, Title, Spelling and Paragraph Form (1 point)
  • A good Introductory Sentence that identifies what the organism is and when it went extinct (1 point)
  • One sentence that describes why this organism became extinct (1 point)
  • Three sentences that explain why you would want to bring this organism back (3 points)
  • Two sentences that describe how this organism would impact (in a positive or negative way) its habitat and the other organisms that live in the habitat (2 points)
  • One sentence that could explain how to keep this organism from becoming extinct again (1 point)
  • A good Concluding Sentence (1 point)
Due Date:
Friday, 06/08/07
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