<html> <head> <title>Craftster Charity Blitz 2007- April- Habitat for Humanity</title> </head> <body bgcolor=#FFFFFF> <center>Note: This site is intended for Craftster members who wish to get information about the Habitat for Humanity Raising the Roof Auction. It is not an official Craftster or Habitat for Humanity site.</center> <br><br> <center><font size=7 color=#00FFFF><b>Craftster Charity Blitz 2007- April<br>Habitat for Humanity</b></font></center> <br><br> <font size=4>Greetings Craftsters! The charity for April is Habitat for Humanity. The target affiliate is Greater Worcester (MA) Habitat for Humanity (<a href="http://www.gwhfh.org" target="_blank">www.gwhfh.org</a>). GWHFH will be holding its Fourth Annual Raising the Roof Dinner Auction Thursday, May 17, 2007 from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. <br><br> The online auction, which will run from April 16 to May 14, will lead up to and build excitement for the May 17 event. To reach the online event, go to www.raisingtheroof.cmarket.com <br><br> <font size=5 color=#00FFFF>General Information:</font><br> <font size=4><i><b>What is the format for the auction? Is it televised, or is it at an event, or is it done online?</b></i><br> The online auction, which creates interest for the event and generates early bids, will begin Monday, April 16 and run through Monday, May 14. As auction items are donated, they are posted on the auction catalog website each week with a description of the item, value, donor information (including web-site if available), and a photo or graphic likeness of the item. Some online items will be available as a "buy now" option; while the remaining items in the preview catalog will be available for purchase only at the dinner auction.

The May 17 event runs from 5:00-8:00 p.m. and will include: approximately 200 diverse auction items and packages, food samplings from the area's finest restaurants and caterers, and entertainment by local musicians. The event will begin with several tables of silent auction items. Each silent auction item is on display with a bid sheet that includes a description of the item and bid slots. Packages are often created with similarly-themed or coordinating items, such as a Dinner Theater Package (restaurant gift certificate packaged with theater tickets) or a Golf Package (a round of golf paired with a dozen golf balls and golf accessories).

The live auction at the end of the evening includes approximately 15 higher end or more popular items, such as Red Sox tickets, California Closets installation, Red Sox autographed baseballs, or a weekend get-away, to name just a few of the items secured for the 2007 Raising the Roof auction. <br> <br> <font size=4><i><b>What kinds of items can I donate?</b></i><br> Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity is seeking unique items and services that will be especially attractive to our auction bidders. Quality hand-crafted items are especially appealing ~ however, anything you would like to donate would be certainly appreciated!

Those who donate items for the auction will receive the following recognition: <br> <br> <font size=4><i><b>Where do I send my items for donation?</b></i><br> You can send your items to craftADDchick (send her a PM on Craftster for her address) and she can drop them off. Or, you can send your items directly to Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity, 111 Park Avenue, Worcester, MA 01609. If you send them to GWHFH, please email Office Manager Kathryn Smith ( kdsmith@gwhfh.org) to let her know your donation is on its way. <br> <font size=4><i><b>Is there any special information that I should include with my donation?</b></i><br> Be sure to indicate that you are donating the item for the Raising the Roof Auction as part of the Craftster Charity Blitz. Please also include the following information:
  • your name
  • your location (town, state)
  • your mailing address so Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity can appropriately acknowledge your donation (please note that your address is for administrative purposes only ~ it will not be made available to auction attendees)
  • the item's value (since the starting bid will be based on a % of the value)
  • any information about the item that might be helpful to auction attendees, such as materials used (i.e., 100% wool yarn), dimensions, etc.
  • your personal or business website if you have one
If you have business cards you wish to have displayed with your item, feel free to send them with your auction item donation.<br><br> <font size=4><i><b>Is there a website with additional information?</b></i><br> The auction website is www.raisingtheroof.cmarket.com. Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity's website is www.gwhfh.org</a>. <br><br> <font size=4><i><b>Can I donate to my local Habitat for Humanity affiliate?</b></i><br> Of course! However, your local Habitat affiliate may not be running an auction at this time. You can contact the Habitat for Humanity affiliate in your area to find out what kind of handmade items (or other donations) they can use at this time. To find a Habitat for Humanity affiliate near you, go to www.hfhi.org. Click on "Local Affiliates" in the Quick Links section on the right of the home page. Type in your zip code or state for a listing of your local Habitat affiliate(s). <br><br> <font size=4><i><b>Will I receive a tax receipt for my donated items?</b></i><br> GWHFH is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. After the auction, you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation and the value you set for the item donated. In addition to a tax deduction, you will get the satisfaction knowing that the sale of your donated item will help Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity fulfill its mission of creating home ownership opportunities for low-income families in Central Massachusetts. <br> <font size=4><i><b>Who will benefit from the money raised from the auction?</b></i><br> Proceeds from each year's Raising the Roof Dinner Auction help Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity continue building houses in Central Massachusetts to help low-income families realize the dream of owning their own home. Funds raised at this year's auction will go toward GWHFH's newest project, a two-story duplex in Worcester that will break ground this spring. Interestingly, the first floor home will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will allow someone with a physical disability the opportunity to own a home that is completely handicap-accessible.

<font size=4><i><b>Will I be able to find out how much money my donated items raised for the auction?</b></i><br> Yes. It will take GWHFH a week or two to pull together all of the auction results and information ~ however, you can contact GWHFH Office Manager Kathryn Smith at kdsmith@gwhfh.org or 508-799-9259 anytime after June 1 to find out how much you helped the auction raise. <br> <font size=4><i><b>If I live in the area, how can I get tickets to attend the dinner auction?</b></i><br> Tickets to the Fourth Annual Raising the Roof Dinner Auction are $25.00 each and can be reserved by contacting Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity Office Manager Kathryn Smith kdsmith@gwhfh.org or 508-799-9259.

Anyone who donates an auction item valued at $100.00 or more is entitled to reserve (by May 1st) two complimentary tickets to attend the event.

<font size=4><i><b>What if I have additional questions?</b></i><br> You can PM craftADDchick on Craftster.org and she will try to get an answer to your question ASAP!

If you have any questions or would like auction information, please contact GWHFH Office Manager Kathryn Smith at kdsmith@gwhfh.org or 508-799-9259.
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